Our Services


We assist startup enterprises in their initial formation, structure, capitalization, contractual relationships and public and private financing requirements, leaving them free to concentrate on growing their businesses.

Our diverse clients, including many individuals, public and private companies, all in need of expert legal counsel on their pressing business issues, benefit from our experience in forming the stable foundation upon which their future success will depend.


  1. Public Offerings and Securities
  2. Our services to public and emerging public companies include the preparation and regulatory filing of prospectuses, alternative forms of offering documents and related materials for public and private financings, the preparation of listing documentation for stock exchanges, and providing creative guidance on alternate financing structures using debentures, warrants, special warrants and convertible debt instruments.


  3. Regulatory Matters
  4. We provide ongoing advice and guidance on compliance with Canadian securities laws and regulatory instruments, the rulings and policies of Canadian Securities Commissions and Administrators and IIROC.


  5. Technology
  6. With the outside assistance of our Patent and Trademark colleagues as situations require, we are able to assist technology companies in most aspects of their business, including regulatory compliance, technology transfer agreements, license agreements, trade secret protection, financings, and public offerings.


  7. Venture Capital
  8. We possess the focused and specialized experience required by venture start-ups in creating and presenting a professional image to financiers and early investors. As required, we can arrange introductions with local brokerage houses financing junior resource, industrial and technology companies.


  9. Mergers, Acquisitions and Takeovers
  10. We have extensive experience in deal negotiations, due diligence investigations, the preparation of transaction documentation, and concluding the purchase and sale of all varieties of assets and or shares. This will often include amalgamations/mergers, reverse takeovers and/or reorganizations.


  11. International Business Matters
  12. Through our business contacts and providers, coupled with modern technology, we are able assist our clients with arranging, structuring and operating their businesses in many outside jurisdictions.


  13. General Corporate Matters
  14. We provide a broad range of corporate law services including incorporation and ongoing maintenance of British Columbia and Federal corporations. We assist with share structures, shareholder meetings, proxy related matters and disputes and issues of general corporate governance.


  15. Mining and Energy Law
  16. We assist with legal matters relating to mines and minerals, both locally and internationally. Such assistance includes joint venture agreements, royalty agreements, option agreements, grants of mineral rights, easement and right-of-way negotiations, title opinions and trust situations. We have represented many clients in the oil and gas exploration and development business, as well as those exploring for and developing coal bed methane gas and alternative energy sources.